Monday, July 23, 2018


The other night I had the strangest dream/nightmare. It feels like a story, so I started writing some ideas down and even began writing on it a bit. 

I love when inspiration strikes. It’s been a long while since my muse visited. Now the characters just need to start talking to me more so I can develop them. 

I was trying to hold out for a new laptop, but when inspiration strikes, I need to listen. Writing is something I’ve done most my life and I’ve missed it. 

It felt like a piece of myself was lost when Ken died. Indeed writing became a struggle for me for quite awhile. Only a few sparks of life here and there. 

I think my blog writing is responsible for inviting my muse back. In my blogs I never seem to run out of ideas or things to write about. I have so much to say and it helps to write my thoughts down. 

I hope the flood gates are opened and I can inundate you all with some of my writing. I don’t always write happy everyday stuff. In fact that is rare... I love the paranormal and tend to write dark. 

Wish me luck! I hope you are all spin free. (I had a normal day yesterday.)

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

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