Thursday, March 1, 2018

Busy Life

We are getting ready for NASCAR this weekend. Tickets are bought. We still need the food & drinks for the weekend. We tailgate with friends who have trailers set up at the LV Motor Speedway. 

Here we are a couple of years ago at the race.

I am also trying to get things finalized for our cruise in April. I finally booked our return flight home. Excursions are reserved and/or booked. I picked up some door decorations to make our door stand out. 

I am worried that our cruise out of Dublin next year may be canceled since we had money returned to our bank account. The bank cannot tell me which cruise line. If it is I’ll come up with something.

I booked an excursion in Cuba through our cruise line. I just need to pay off that cruise. I am very excited about this cruise. I want to visit Cuba before it begins to get more industrialized. 

If you couldn’t tell I have cruise fever. I’d rather take cruises and excursions than drive places and so would my husband. 

I need to make arrangements for camping this year. 

You may be wondering but how am I doing all this with the Ménière’s... I am hoping for the best and naps seem to help, and meclizine helps the dizziness & vertigo spells. I refuse to let the Ménière’s win and I will keep going even if I have to have accommodations like a cane or wheelchair. As long as my husband is willing...

I hope you all are spin free. 

Love, Peace and Light!

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