Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Movie w/Friends: Game Night

Last night Ralph and I joined friends at The Orleans to watch Game Night. Let me just say that I loved the movie. Jason Bateman was excellent, And Michael C. Hall was in it, albeit briefly. I miss Dexter.

The plot kept twisting and turning and just when you thought it was over, it twisted again. And I laughed and laughed. Laughing is always a plus. I am glad our game nights don’t go as this one did, though it was hilarious.

Do you have game nights? What games do you play? We play a bit of everything... Cards Against Humanity, Uno, are just a couple. My husband just bought me a Doctor Who Fluxx game that I am looking forward to playing.

Love, Peace and Light!

PS. For those of you wondering, my Ménière’s makes me feel like I have a general uneasy feeling as if I am going to be sick or with slight vertigo or dizziness. I tip over without warning, but don’t fall.

The carpet in the Orleans has a pattern that is wavy and makes me uncomfortable, couple that with the noise from the slots and people and my dizziness gets worse. Fortunately, we didn’t stand around talking for very long. I felt a bit nauseous on the drive home, but I made it incident free.
Have a spin free day!

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