Saturday, January 13, 2018


This was me in October 2013 on my first ever cruise. I had just lost a bunch of weight through the course of a year. I weighed about 160 here and down from over 220 lbs. 

How did I do it? 

After my second husband died, I had very little income... I had to eat on a budget. I’d buy vegetables, meat, eggs, milk & cereal when I received my disability. I made big batches of soups and froze them. This way I ensured I didn’t starve. Yes, a soup diet began me on my journey to weight loss. In March of 2013 I joined a weight loss challenge where I learned about nutrition and began exercising. I met a great group of women whom I started walking with and along with the exercise and yoga, I kept active on a daily basis. 

I didn't eat fast food for a year, I did occasionally eat out, but I made healthier choices. I was on the road to health. My fibromyalgia pain was gone, the arthritis while still there didn't hurt as much with less weight. Reflux went away. I still had down days after overdoing things, but those were happening much less. 

Fast forward to May of 2014, I moved across the country to be with the man whom I married last February. Our active lifestyle doesn't always permit time for home cooking. And I began eating fast food again. That coupled with leaving my support group of exercise buddies behind, I have gained weight, not quite as much as I was before, but it seems to be climbing a bit year by year. I weigh 206 right now, down from 218.

Ralph and I decided to start taking our life back by watching what we eat. With the return of my Meniere's Disease, exercise will be interesting. Some days I am afraid to walk, but I know this is self-defeating and I need to do it for me. 

In the meantime I am going to continue to get healthy and enjoy the life that God has given me. Wish me luck! 

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