Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Life is what you make it...

Just like the song said, Life is what you make it. Sometimes you need to take some time to readjust to your new circumstances. Once you’ve taken this time, you need to decide how to move forward. Sometimes you might need to eliminate things or figure out how to do them for the new you. I think this applies in many areas, but I am talking about dealing with chronic illnesses.

It’s easy to give up and do nothing, believe me, I have in my past. I was fortunate to have a husband who could care for me. Something changed inside me and I decided that I wasn’t going to stay in bed any longer. I found a local writers group and I joined despite overwhelming anxiety. This was the best  thing I ever did for myself. I really need to get involved like that again here in Vegas.

I do get out of bed every day even though most mornings I am dizzy. I get out of the house too, but lately I am worried about the dizziness I am fearful of doing something simple like walking the dogs. I am unsure if this is anxiety or self-preservation or laziness... Maybe a combination of all.

The bottom line is if I let the Ménière’s rule my life, I will suffer and so will everyone around me. I need to make changes. I can begin by taking the dogs for a walks. Maybe short at first and not when I am constantly dizzy, but definitely when it subsides usually later in the day.

While I work on this, I keep making plans with friends, plan vacations with my husband and enjoy life when others are around. I make sure everyone is aware of my problem, so it is less stressful to do things with others. Unfortunately for the dogs and me, they are too small to be of any help if an episode should happen when I am alone.
Remember you have the power to make your life worthwhile. So, go out and live it. Figure out how to work around your obstacles. I did take the dogs for a walk recently as shown in the above picture. Baby steps to a better life!

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