Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Disneyland & Ménière’s

Our three day weekend of adventure began at Universal Studios in Harry Potter World. We had a fantastic day, which involved too much walking. My arthritic feet ached and all my muscles were on fire due to the Fibromyalgia flair that comes with overdoing things. Unfortunately, this can vary from time to time, which makes it difficult to gage when enough is enough. Usually I don’t realize that I’ve overdone things until the pain begins. 

When we got to our hotel room, I was in so much pain that I took a pain killer. I fell asleep, but awoke in pain so I took a bath, which usually helps ease my sore muscles. While relaxing in the tub, the walls started moving up and down. I knew this was part of the Ménière’s, so I just tried to relax despite my gurgling stomach. 

I told my husband and friend that I should probably stay in the hotel and join them later, but Ralph looked at me like I was crazy. So, I went. The first ride was a big mistake and I may never go on it agin, though I love Space Mountain under normal circumstances. It triggered an episode of disequilibrium along with nausea. Though I walked through the line st Star Tours, I exited the other side. I sat on a bench waiting for them to come out hoping to get things under control. When Ralph and Colleen  finally made it out they wanted to shop in the gift store, but I had to find somewhere to throw up. That wasn’t easy as the trash cans openings are on the sides and I couldn’t speak to ask for help. I must have looked atrocious with sweat dripping down my face and I’m sure I was positively green. I know I was embarrassed, but almost past the point of caring when I did throw up. 

The point of telling you all this is to say once I had this episode, I washed my face and rinsed my mouth and went back out to enjoy my day. Believe me it is really tempting to curl up in bed and wait to die, but I would have missed out on Disneyland Christmas at night, not to mention disappointing my husband and our friend. I made sure Ralph stayed close in case I had vertigo and I sat down when I needed to. We also went back to the hotel room for a bit and I took a nap. I awoke ready to start again.

On Monday we went to California Adventures. Though I was sore, I did not have another Ménière’s attack, except the occasional tipping to one side or another.
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! Have a Happy New Year!

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