Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Pay Back

I had four wonderful days of camping and hiking. Three out of four days I walked over 10,000 steps. My body is not used to this, since the Ménière’s started back up. 

So now it’s paying me back with a major Fibromyalgia flare. Every muscle in my body is aching. I managed to get a few things done yesterday. 

We took Chewy to the vet. I washed the clothes that got wet from the rain, so they wouldn’t mildew. I drove to the grocery store before the vertigo made itself known and bought stuff to make dinner. I put the pork roast into the crock pot with red skin potatoes and a mess of green beans. Then a friend asked me to accompany her to the ER, so I was there all evening while they gave her meds to help rid an infection. I finally got to eat my dinner around 9:00 pm. 

Today I am still in bed. Paybacks are hell. And now my ears are screaming and everything keeps shifting. Constant rotational vertigo, not the room spinning kind, but another reason for being so exhausted, since my brain has been working overtime to keep me upright. 

I wanted to go see the new Mission Impossible movie, but I think it’s a good day to stay in bed.

I hope you are spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bryce Canyon

We camped in Bryce Canyon this past weekend, starting Thursday. I loved Bryce better than the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful and had viewpoints so I could enjoy the beautiful scenery, since vertigo had me being cautious. 

The times at sunrise at Sunrise Point and Sunset point were some of my favorites. The clouds made a spectacular sunrise.

It rained quite a bit of our time at the park, but had enough beautiful times in between we could enjoy ourselves.

I managed to get over 10,000 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may be suffering tomorrow, but it was worth it. Believe me I sat waiting on Ralph quite a bit of the time, because keeping my balance was tough even with my walking stick or cane. 

I would do this trip over again in a heartbeat. We stopped in Zion on our way back to Vegas... I am glad that Ralph insisted on Bryce Canyon. Though the views are lovely they don’t hold a candle to Bryce, Grand Canyon or even Red Rock or Valley of Fire closer to home. And it was over 100• where as Bryce stayed between 60-85.

Parking is bad in Zion. We had to park outside the park which costs $20. There was free shuttle service in the park which took us to different sights. We only got off at the last park and I could only hike part of the trail. 

I met this little guy while sharing a rock with an awesome woman from Maryland. The poor baby was so hot it would only move a couple of inches and stop. My companion gave it some water when it sat on the rock next to us. 

We made it home. I was in bed by 8 pm, but now my mind is fully awake at 11:13. 

I hope you all sleep well and are spin free!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again- A Review 

I really enjoyed Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. I wanted to sing and dance all the way through. It made me smile and laugh and even a bit tearful.

I knew how it would end during the flashbacks and I still routed for Sam and Donna to get together. I loved that the young characters matched their older counterparts. 

I can’t say too much without giving anything away. I love Cher, but it’s hard to believe they cast her as Meryl Streep’s mother. I believe they are only 3 years apart in age. I know it’s called acting. 

Speaking of Cher... What’s up with Fernando? Could he be Donna’s dad? I guess we’ll never know. Unless they do a new movie with young Cher & Andy Garcia look-alikes.

We tried out the new luxury loungers at Century Suncoast. They had some technical difficulties getting the movie up and running. So here is the picture I took.

Bottom line is I enjoyed the movie. I hope you are all spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

I Wanna Live While I’m Alive

To paraphrase a lyric from Bob Jovi, I wanna live while I’m alive. Despite the fact I have a bunch of chronic diseases, I choose to enjoy the good days and push through the so-so days and sometimes even the harder days when I’m not aware of what’s happening.

My husband is usually there to catch me if I stumble. Thankfully, I haven’t fallen in public. I am usually pretty good at pretending to be okay. 

Here I am at Disneyland when the Ménière’s decided to make its grand comeback after around 6 years of remission. My vision was skewed as everything was waving up and down. I got sick after going on Space Mountain. I was so good at faking it that a friend who was with us didn’t know. 

I thought everyone could tell. I was off balance and very tired. In fact I sat out many of the rides. Ralph said I downplayed it. I don’t know if this is good or bad. On the one hand I don’t want people to pity me, on the other I want them to believe me when I say I am not well. 

Then there is part of me that doesn’t care and the other part of me that wants to educate others about invisible illnesses. So I do talk about it. And there are people in my life who do not believe me. They think I want attention. 

I’d much rather not feel foggy most days, drunk without the benefit of drinking... dizzy or having vertigo... fatigued because my brain is working overtime to keep me upright. Oh and the worst symptom for me is the room spinning vertigo. That I cannot even fake being well, but since mine happens at night, only people living with me will ever see the results. 

So when people tell me I’m faking or talk behind my back or make snide comments, my hackles go up. Keep it up after I explain and you will not ever be my friend. I know this is harsh, but friends and family should be supportive.

Enough with the rant and back to my original thought... I am going to keep enjoying life. I will camp, cruise, hike, go out with my love, enjoy movies with family and friends and all the other things I can think of. I may crash later, but the memories I am making are worth it. 

I will not take shame in using devices to keep me upright. Right now I have a cane. I may have to resort to a walker if the vertigo continues to affect my balance so that I cannot fake it. Yes, I know this is becoming as bad as the room spinning vertigo, but I will persevere.

One thing I do miss is being able to take off by myself in my car. I wouldn’t want to endanger anyone if I drive when dizzy or having vertigo. I don’t even drive if I have brain fog, because I cannot pay attention to what I am supposed to be doing. 

Today is a girls day. My sister-in-law and I are going to see the new Mama Mia movie. I am so looking forward to it, even though the vertigo has found me. I will go prepared with my cane, blue light filtering glasses and earplugs. Though I hope I don’t need them. 

I will keep enjoying life... no matter what comes my way! I am prepared for the worse, but hopeful. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I hope you are spin free!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Monday, July 23, 2018


The other night I had the strangest dream/nightmare. It feels like a story, so I started writing some ideas down and even began writing on it a bit. 

I love when inspiration strikes. It’s been a long while since my muse visited. Now the characters just need to start talking to me more so I can develop them. 

I was trying to hold out for a new laptop, but when inspiration strikes, I need to listen. Writing is something I’ve done most my life and I’ve missed it. 

It felt like a piece of myself was lost when Ken died. Indeed writing became a struggle for me for quite awhile. Only a few sparks of life here and there. 

I think my blog writing is responsible for inviting my muse back. In my blogs I never seem to run out of ideas or things to write about. I have so much to say and it helps to write my thoughts down. 

I hope the flood gates are opened and I can inundate you all with some of my writing. I don’t always write happy everyday stuff. In fact that is rare... I love the paranormal and tend to write dark. 

Wish me luck! I hope you are all spin free. (I had a normal day yesterday.)

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Quiet Weekend 

This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend. I wanted to go to Fremont Street for the concerts, but Ralph doesn’t want to and quite frankly my vertigo is acting up, so I’m not going to push it. 

Today began with breakfast at Bad Owl. There are two in the area now. The one in Henderson is a bit more kitschy. Both carry the Harry Potter theme. The Henderson location has a Tardis, which as a Doctor Who fan, I appreciated.

All the tables have something like this written on them. The coffee is delicious and I drink decaf, which is often bitter. Food was good too.

We tried to find a farmers market AARP listed, but were unable to do find it, though we found the park. Yes, I am old enough for AARP. That’s what happens each year...and has been fifty-four for me and counting. 

We’ve been relaxing in front of the television today and will watch the Astros play the Angels in a bit. 

Tomorrow will begin with Mass at Holy Spirit. Followed by breakfast and then probably another lazy day at home. NASCAR and Astros Baseball will be on the agenda. 

Down days are a good time to recoup after a trying week. For me it has been taxing just to remain upright and to breath. With the humidity and wind my asthma has been acting up. I even did a breathing treatment. I can breath now. If only it was that easy to control the Ménière’s. 

Anyway, I hope you are all spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Friday, July 20, 2018

Forgotten Diagnosis 

When asked to share a list of my diagnoses, I put migraines, allergies, sinuses, mitral valve prolapse, asthma, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Gastrointestinal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, and my new one that I cannot think of at the moment. Oh, yeah, brain fog is part of many of these diseases, but not really a diagnosis, Ménière’s diesse, psoriasis... I always forget to put depression, anxiety and panic attacks. 

These can be just as debilitating as MD and can often exacerbate symptoms in many illnesses. There is a fine line between cause and effect. It is important that we control the mental health so that our health doesn’t get worse. 

Medication is one way to control it and often a first step in doing so. I remember when my doctor put me on Prozac it was like a fog lifted and I could see colors again. It was a wonderful feeling. I don’t even remember how old I was when I lost my colors, but I was.a teen. I was in my 20’s when I got them back.

My first panic attack happened when I was on my way home from work (in my 20’s, before Prozac). I didn’t recognize my surroundings. I ping-ponged back and forth on Morse Road a block to two block from my home, until the panic lifted and I recognized my surroundings again. 

I learned how to work through a panic attack that year. Mostly, by recognizing the increased heart rate and confusion and by taking slow deep breaths. I continued driving in the direction I started having faith that I knew where I was headed. Occasionally, when traveling to unexpected places I’d stop and ask for directions. This worked for me, since my panic revolves around getting lost. And getting the heart rate and breathing in check helped alleviate the symptoms of the panic attack.

Anxiety goes hand in hand with panic attacks and depression. It has often been harder for me to manage than a panic attack, because I don’t always recognize when it begins. Often the first sign that I notice is the pain in my gut that just won’t go away. The nervousness, the inability to sleep, the worry are all just par for the course when diagnosed with chronic illnesses, so I don’t pay attention, until the pain in my gut. Again being put on medication (Zoloft) allowed that niggling feel deep in my core to relax. 

Learning to control anxiety is about the same as controlling the panic attacks. Deep breaths, being mindful of the here and now, not worrying about the future. 

Depression is slightly different in that I  don’t always have a tangible reason or symptoms to alert me to it. It makes me apathetic to the good things. It takes away the color and the fun, but it’s a slow process that I often miss. 

I try to smile and laugh to help release endorphins to the brain to trick it into thinking it’s happy. I try to keep active by doing things I enjoy. 

Exercise at the moment is difficult because of the Ménière’s. Even walking is hard and I’m unwilling to do it on my own in case an attack happens. So I save my active times for when I have someone with me. I try to do some exercises in bed just to get my blood flowing. But exercise is one of the best ways to overcome depression and I intend to figure out some other ways I can incorporate it into my life. 

I am going to be mindful to start including these 3 things in my list of diagnoses. Find what works for you and remember there is no shame in asking for help, because these are just chemical reactions to real life situations and sometimes we need a little help whether with medication or through therapy. I hope you are all spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I Made It

Thanks to my SIL for playing chauffeur, I made it to lunch to see my friend from Zanesville. If I had to rely on my own devices I couldn’t have went. It would have been dangerous for me to drive. I am very off balance today. It is noticeable to others. Usually I’m better at faking being well. 

It was still good to see Becky and her husband. We walked around Miracle Mile Shops and found a little place to eat. I listened to their adventures on this trip. They packed a lot into it. 

I hope you are spin free!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

PS. I finally have an ENT appointment scheduled, but not until October 1. I am not sure I can wait, but insurance dictates where I can go. It sucks, but it is what it is. Yesterday I had a meltdown, today I am more at peace. I did call to ask if there are earlier appointments... I had to leave a message. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Making Plans

It’s hard to make plans when you don’t know how you’ll feel from one day to the next. Most days for me lately I am unable to drive because I have brain fog and dizziness or worse vertigo. So if I do have plans, I might need a ride. Unless a big attack hits I can get around because I’ve had years of practice. 

I just hope that my friends understand when I cannot make it. It’s not because I don’t want to, believe me... I’d much rather be having fun than staying home with everything spinning. 

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend from Zanesville for lunch... I most likely couldn’t make it if my sister-in-law didn’t agree to join me and act as my driver. 

Even with a driver if  a full vertigo attack hits, I wouldn’t be able to go. It is hard to even move. In fact I hold on to the bed for deer life, because it feels as if I’m on a merry-go-round that I cannot stop. I can’t even close my eyes until the spinning stops. I am lucky I only get nausea. 

Ralph and I will be talking another camping trip. I feel the need to return to nature and recharge my soul. Our last trip was so relaxing that I’m looking forward to it. 

I hope everyone is spin free!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Another Busy Saturday 

We started by taking a morning walk at Exploration Peak Park. We enjoyed a stroll around the park, though it was already getting hot.(Around 90•)

The highlight of the day was going to Zak Bagans Haunted Museum here in Vegas. It’s an old Tudor mansion that he has refurbished to house his extensive collections of haunted, possessed and weird paraphernalia.  

We were only allowed to use our cameras/phones outside and in the lobby, so I didn’t get many.

I wantedto take this fellow and his twin home with me. 

We were greeted by this guy in the lobby. Sadly, we had to put our phones away before going on the actual tour. Also, no water was allowed on the tour.

Our tour guy, Craig, was very knowledgeable about the artifacts and displays. The first room was a doll room... This may have been my only paranormal experience... I thought I saw one of the dolls heads move. At the time Craig had leaned on the table which held the doll, so this probably explains the dolls movement. 

You have to sign waivers before taking the tour. They said someone had a heart attack and others have fainted. I could see this happening because it was so hot in the mansion. It actually felt cool to go outside in the 100•+ Las Vegas Summer. Here is a video of me while I was waiting in the air conditioned car for Ralph. If you look at my face you can see it looks ruddy from being too hot. They do not allow drinks, not even the water the sell outside on the tour. 

I didn’t experience any paranormal activity on the tour. The hairs on my arms didn’t stand up, nothing tickled my neck or tugged on my sleeve. I didn’t get an oppressive feeling or any other thing one might expect. Not even from the doll that was supposed to be possessed. I think her name was Peggy. They played a lot of noise in several of the rooms, which was annoying, but not paranormal. The use of poorly lit rooms, some flashing lights and people jumping out at you was used as some cheap scare tactics and totally unnecessary since many of the objects were creepy in their own right. 

I think I felt more of the heavy chest feeling at the Mob Museum than at Zac Bagens Haunted Museum. I wish they given us more time to really look at the items and read the information. 

We did enjoy seeing all the items. 

I hope you are spin free. 

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

PS. I had balance issues with the low light and had to hold onto hubby or rails when available 

Mississippi Pot Roast, Yorkshire Pudding and Vertigo 

Yesterday I had an attack. It wasn’t the room spinning kind, but it was vertigo and made me feel awful. I ended up in bed before 7 pm. 

Yikes, I usually love spending time with my husband and would have preferred to stay up with him, but my head wouldn’t let me. 

He made Mississippi Pot Roast and I managed to make Yorkshire Pudding to go with it. They aren’t the prettiest ones, but it was my first time making them. They are like a hollow biscuit. Tasty and easy to do.

I ate my dinner which was tasty. You can watch the video of my reaction to the amount of salt in those two packages of my prepared mixes, next time we’ll be doing them from scratch with no salt. 

Here are the ingredients. You cook it in the slow cooker for 8 hours. 

Anyway after I hate my head got really full and I was more dizzy with vertigo . (Do you think the salt had something to do with it?) I had already been having vertigo, but it got worse. So I went to bed. I slept for an hour and I felt better, but not the best. I went downstairs to let Ralph know I felt better and then back to bed for me. 

Today so far I am just swaying, no vertigo. I hope you all are spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita 

PS. I am (as are most of people with MD are) very good at pretending to be okay.

Friday, July 13, 2018


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have too much time on my hands since I am stuck in the house unless someone takes pity on me and takes me out. It sucks not being able to drive. My good days are few and far between. The brain fog, dizziness, vertigo and mini-spins seem to be a daily thing. Luckily I have only had one major vertigo attack since December. A major attack for me is where the room is spinning, it lasts for hours and knocks my balance out for a couple of days. 

So, I have been thinking about what I am going to do when I get to the next stage... Deafness may occur along with the constant balance issue. 

With this a part of the disease, but much uncertainty when it may occur, I wonder if it might be beneficial to get an assist dog. Part of my problem with going places on my own is that I could lose my balance and possibly fall. Even with people around, they don’t always remain at my side. A dog would. 

My husband feels that an assist dog is too big and we have two dogs already. One of whom is jealous of other animals. Right now I can wait, because my hearing hasn’t left and I manage the balance issues. 

A new friend I made through Facebook is training her pup to be an asset dog. You can read about it here on Maverick and Me.

I don’t have the patience to train a dog so I would need to pay someone to do it, which costs money I don’t have. Oh, well, one day at a time. Thanks for reading as I think. 

I hope you are spin free!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Waiting Game

I had my first full blown vertigo attack on May 24th in years with the room spinning and major balance issues. I came out of remission in December of 2017 while at Disneyland with wavy walls, ear fullness, fatigue and nausea.

I had to wait for my doctor to get back from maternity leave as the replacement doctor didn’t get the ball rolling to get into see an ENT. Then my insurance insisted that I have an MRI before granting the referral. 

I had my MRI of my brain/ear canals on Friday. The results were still normal. I have had this about 18 years ago, so I wasn’t worried. It would be nice to have something show up, because then there might be a possibility of a cure. But alas that is not meant to be.

Now I have to wait for the referral to go through in order to schedule an appointment. Once it does, it will no doubt take more time to get in. 

I need to see one so I can find a medication that works. Meclizine, my old standby, no longer helps with general dizziness. 

I feel that there may be more than one issue going on causing my symptoms. Yes, I have MD and, yes, it’s out of remission. When my Mitral Valve Prolapse acts up it makes me dizzy. This may be another issue altogether and only a doctor will be able to diagnose it. Unfortunately, if that is part of the problem I may need another referral to a heart specialist, which probably means more tests. 

I really hate waiting for help. It’s frustrating and doesn’t help my anxiety levels at all. I have been doing deep breathing and relaxation exercises to contain the anxiety, but every moment I have to wait makes it more difficult.

Thanks for letting me rant. I hope you are spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Monday, July 9, 2018


Inspiration~ I have been thinking of this subject lately... I need inspiration in order to write, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. 

I gather inspiration for my fiction writing in everything I do, whether I’m reading or traveling or sitting on my couch. I can find inspiration in a word or group of words. It comes from so many sources that it’s amazing that I’m not overwhelmed.

But in real life what inspires me to keep going everyday? When my body is in pain, my balance is off, the brain fog is so thick that I can’t form a cherehent thought, what gets me up?

I have a friend who has not been defeated by spina bifida. When I just want to give up, I hear this amazing woman’s voice in my head, “Get your ass up.” So I do.

I belong to Ménière’s Worldwide and people from all over the world inspire me to keep going. Some have things worse than me and I learn from them everyday. (I know I mention this group frequently, but they have been a godsend.) They help breakthrough the depression that tends to creep up when I am faced with life’s obstacles. 

I tend to be dark deep within the depths of my mind, but their humor (humour for my UK friends) breaks through. I look to the light even when my writing turns to the dark. 

My husband inspires me. He may not understand what I feel like, but he rarely complains. He broke his leg (fibula and tibia) and dislocated his ankle in 2016 and still has problems with it, but he gets up faithfully every morning to walk our dogs. I have been having more trouble with my balance, especially in the mornings that I am afraid to venture out with my two small dogs on my own, 

So on the days I have someone with me I try to do things. Girls day with my sister-in-law, I meet friends when I can, sometimes I need to ask for a ride. And I always get out with my husband to camp, cruise or whatever. 

Anyway I have veered off topic. I find things or people who inspire me daily. Who or what inspires you?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Full Day Yesterday

Saturday began with a short hike and photo-op of Red Rock Canyon. Actually one of the trails before you get to the scenic loop. 

It was a beautiful morning. We went out around 5:30 and we’re home by 7:00. I managed to get a few good pictures, though I had trouble with short spins and my balance. Exercise is supposed to be good for MD, so I am trying to walk more.

Ralph and I went to a matinee at Century Orleans to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. I enjoyed it very much. I won’t say anything about it, other than to watch the credits. The first bit was worth it, but the one after all the credits, not so much. 

We went back to the Red Rock area to Spring mountain to watch Super Summer Theater’s production of She Loves Me. It made me laugh and sometimes that is all that is really needed. Seriously though the actors were superb.

Even though rain threatened and there was some thunder in the distance, we only had a smattering while we sat in our car waiting for the handicapped line of vehicles to move. 

Speaking of handicapped parking... It’s worth it to not have to climb that long line of steps. Instead the parking is right behind the bathrooms and concessions. 

It was a wonderful day. I didn’t let Ménière’s beat me, though it made itself known frequently with short spins and balance issues. I think I’m the only one that notices when I tip or stagger a bit. If they do they probably think I’m drunk. 

I hope you all are spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Escape Rooms

I am terrible at Escape rooms... but it is so much fun to try. This time our friends and I did Haunted Mansion at Escapology. Last time we did The Saw Escape Room. We ended up in jail this time, whereas we did in the Saw Experience. Each was challenging in different ways. 

Ralph and I before we we into Escapology. 

Do you think we’ll improve on our next one? We already know we’ll do Bigfoot at Number 1 Escape Room in Las Vegas, at least we think we’ll do that one next. Maybe, just maybe we’ll find Bigfoot. 

In all our travels we haven’t spotted one. Ralph thought he heard one, but I had to burst his bubble to tell him it was a cow.

These Escape Rooms are good to keep this old brain active. I’ll take every bit of help I can get to keep my brain fogged mind from getting worse.

Tomorrow is my MRI of my head. We’ll see if there is a brain inside it or not. Then I’ll get to see an ENT. Ish me luck in getting more effective treatment for my dizziness and vertigo.

I hope you are all spin free. 

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

PS. I hope you had a fabulous Independence Day in the USA. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Brain Fog

I wish I could explain what this feels like. It is more than the lost words or forgetfulness. It is more of a feeling that something has invaded my head like fog. Like fuzziness or white noise and it changes, but the overall result is forgetfulness or an inability to process my thoughts. Sometimes it feels as though my head is full of concrete and nothing can seep through the pours. Now you can say my head is full of rocks. LOL! But it’s true and they permeate my thoughts and make my head feel weird and it’s difficult to think at all. 

Unfortunately, Ménière’s Disease isn’t the only disorder that has brain fog as a symptom. Fibromyalgia is another. I am sure that most diseases have this horrible symptom. Some days I feel as if I have Alzheimer’s, (Old timers is what many people call it.) but that is not the problem. 

I am sure you all have experienced forgetfulness at one time or another. Heck, I remember when I was 5, my mom sent me upstairs to get clothes hangers... I stood at the closet and could not remember why I was there. Needless to say my mom wasn’t happy when I returned without them. 

So what causes this phenomenon? I am not sure exactly, but I do have some ideas on what may contribute to brain fog.

  1. It is a symptom of a larger disease. (For me it Ménière’s and Fibromyalgia.)
  2. Poor sleep may contribute.
  3. Medication may cause it. Unfortunately, the things that help one symptom may cause others.) 
  4. Lack of exercise. Exercise is good for so many things, Unfortunately, it’s difficult to do when you feel dizzy most of the time.
  5. Poor nutrition. With all the processed and fast foods my nutrition takes a back seat to the convenience. I do try to make things from scratch.

These are my own thoughts on the subject. I am not a medical professional, nor have I studied this in anyone, but myself. 

All in all, I know many people who suffer from brain fog. There are many terms... Fibro-fog, blond moments, etc. Maybe you call it something else. Feel free to share. 

This is what brain fog looks like. Haha... You cannot see it, but it’s there. Just like all invisible illnesses, it can be completely debilitating and devastating, but it hides within. 

I hope you are all spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Supporting Others

This is me at church today. I am fighting vertigo. Fortunately, unless it’s room spinning, I can almost walk normal. You might notice that I am a bit unbalanced, but I am not sitting at home wishing I could leave. Vestibular therapy helped me cope with this disease and a lot of it had to do with repeatedly exposing myself to things that make me panic.

One of the main reasons I speak about my health issues is to support others, who may be in the same situation as me. The other is to spread awareness.

Ménière’s is a rare disease and yet I have found a community of support from all over the world in a Facebook group called Ménière’s Worldwide.

It is a relief to know that there are others who understand what l live with daily. I wish they didn’t have this damn disease, but it is good to know I can talk about what is going on in my head and to know they understand. 

In another Facebook group a woman posted her new blogpost and her mission is to spread awareness. So here is another blog for you to follow to let you know you are not alone. 

I know people in my life who experience vertigo who have not been diagnosed and it’s frustrating waiting for a diagnosis. I hope they are curable and not a debilitating disease. 

If you know someone with any invisible disease, please support them. They are just as frustrated as you are that they cannot do things. Be there for them  and know that they will be one of your biggest fans, because you believe them. 

Be spin free.

Love, Peace and Light! Rita