Sunday, April 29, 2018

Avengers & Golden Knights (Spoilers?)

Our day began with an early showing of Avengers:Infinity War. Ah man this movie put my emotions through the ringer. I laughed, cried, and shouted in anger. Okay, so the shouting was internal. I left feeling robbed. 

Knowing that these are Marvel Superheroes and no one really ever dies should make me feel better. Right? I can only speculate that Dr. Strange may have something to do with how things will work out. 

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait over a year, possibly May of 2019. The bright side is that they’ve already filmed the fourth Avengers movie back to back with Infinity War.

I have read that the powers that be want to focus on the newer Avengers like Black Panther, Antman and some of the others. Time will tell. The Marvel Universe makes great movies. 

Yesterday afternoon Ralph and I met friends and family at PT’s to watch the Golden Knights second game of round two. We had some good conversation and good food. We even celebrated another victory before it was taken away. Then we walked out defeated, but still hopeful for the rest of the playoffs. After we said our good nights (or Knights) we walked outside to a beautiful night and an almost full moon shined brightly over the palm trees. 

It really looked much bigger, but this is what my iPhone saw.

Today, my Ménière’s is rearing its ugly head. I have a constant rocking motion and when I shut my eyes, I seem to first spin in one direction and then back the other way. I don’t know which is worse visual spinning or internal spinning. 

After a nap, my migraine has lessened. I hadn’t had a bad migraine for awhile and thought the CBD oil might be helping. I guess not. The CBD oil without THC helps with relaxation and my arthritis pain has lessened. The pain isn’t gone, but more manageable. 

Well, I am going to rejoin the land of the living, since I feel better. The Astros are doing well today, but Kevin Harvick keeps catching up and then getting passed. Have a spin free day.

Love, Peace and Light!


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Good Days and Bad Days

Yesterday was a good day. Even not being able to find my debit card nor my insurance cards set me back. Don’t worry I have replacements coming. I will probably find them, now. 

Even on my bad days like on Friday, I put on a mask so others can’t see how I feel. I guess if they pay attention they will notice that I don’t walk straight and that I am well acquainted with the walls and door jams. 

People might even notice that I mix up my words and I can’t think fast. Maybe they don’t realize that is part of having Ménière’s, Fibromyalgia, etc. 

But yesterday was a good day for me. I even managed to drive myself to the bank and to Holley’s Cuppa for a breakfast sandwhich. I took the dogs for a walk, which they loved and recorded a video for my peeps at Ménière’s Worldwide. 

I stayed up all day and didn’t go to bed until 9:30. A new record for me because I have been in bed by 5 if I haven’t remained in it already.

The best thing I ate two meals without loosing it all. I am not sure if that’s from the reflux disease or Ménière’s or something else. On the bright side I’ve lost the weight I put on during the cruise. 

I have decided that when possible I am going to listen to my body. If it needs rest, then I will rest. On the good days I will probably overdo things, because I need to get caught up on stuff. I can only hope that doesn’t put me back in bed the next day. 

I hope everyone out there is well and you all have spin free days!

Love, Peace and Light!


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blue Sky Day

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful blue sky day in Las Vegas. I took this picture months ago, but the sky is blue.

Not only is it beautiful outside, but I finally have some relief from the Ménière’s, Fibromyalgia, Asthma and Allergies that have plagued me since we returned from our cruise last Thursday. 

I have been in bed most of the time since we returned. I could only eat one meal a day without repercussions. I had absolutely no energy. The breathing treatment for my asthma made the Ménière’s worse, because it’s sodium based. I could taste the salt. Salt has always been a trigger for me, since this started. Even now my tinnitus is ringing off the hook. 

Ralph and I managed to get to church and went to breakfast on Sunday. Sometimes I push through the dizziness and fatigue to try to be normal. As I have said before this disease or ailments won’t beat me, even though I may have to pay the price later.

I have some household chores to catch up on, but I hope to get out a bit to enjoy the beautiful day.  

Always enjoy the good days, but pay attention to your body. It will tell you when it’s time to slow down.  

I still want to live on a cruise ship. No allergies at see and I blend in when I am bouncing off walls, though frankly my symptoms abated for the most part once we were moving. It would be a fun experiment to see if it’s just a fluke or does it really help stabilize me. Who wants to join me? 

Have a spin free day!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

Friday, April 13, 2018


Look at our ride to Minute Maid Park to see the Astros play. JW Marriott Housto has a Tesla shuttle. So very cool. Though we had an actual driver, this car can self drive too.

We had fun though the Astros lost. We toured the stadium and received replica World Series trophies.

On Friday morning we headed for the Port of Galveston to begin our cruise on Carnival Valor. The first thing I did was order a Fun Ship drink. (A tradition since my first cruise.) We had been planning on dropping our bags and going to see the Tall Ships that we’re in port, but my Ménière’s and Fibromyalgia were acting up, so we just boarded. 

We were able to see one of the tall ships leaving the harbor. 

Cruising is always fun and we packed so much into our short time on the ship. We watched a country duo, sang along at the piano bar, swam, saw a show and of course we drank and ate. 

This was a Q&A. The cruise director, Brandon, wore a dress, because they raised more than $5,000 for St. Jude’s.

In Cozumel Ralph had fish eat the dead skin off his feet, which I find gross. He has been wanting to do it for awhile. 

In Progresso we learned to make margaritas, salsa and guacamole. There was plenty to eat and drink. Ralph enjoyed his swim in the ocean. I talked to a lovely couple. 

Our vacation didn’t stop once we left the Valor for the final time. We went to the Johnson Space Center, before heading to the airport!

We are back in Vegas. Our pilot landed more smoothly than other trips I have been on and he had to contend with the wind and gusts up to 55 MPH. 

I am home in bed today, since my Fibromyalgia and Ménière’s are both screaming at me today. It’s the trade off I make for having fun. Ralph is back at work.

I try not to let my health get in the way of me having fun. I know there will be repercussions, but that is a trade off I am willing to make. Fortunately, I don’t have to work, so I can stay in bed for a day or two. Also, I took naps on the cruise and relaxed on the sea days.

Love, Peace and Light!


Have a spin free day!


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Awful Hacking Cough

I went back to the doctor because my cough would not get under control. She upped my Advair dosage and gave me scripts for a nebulizer and the albuterol for it. 

I love breathing treatments and know how quickly they open my bronchial tubes, so I was excited to finally have one for home use.

I took my first treatment yesterday. One thing I noticed first about the treatment was that the solution was salty. If you know anything about me or my battle with Ménière’s, salt is one of my triggers. 

So today my head is swimming putting a damper on my plans today. I cannot drive when I feel this way. Being stuck at home when I have things to do before we leave for our cruise early Friday is a big pain in my behind. 

The second thing I noticed is that I really don’t like holding the breathing apparatus in my mouth. It is uncomfortable and even hurts a bit. The alternative is not good so I will do it when I need to, though I am considering using the kiddie mask that came with the kit. 

The bright side is that my bronchial tube is clearer and I don’t think I’ll need another treatment for awhile. 

I may not post until I get back from the cruise. It depends if I have WiFi. I will take lots of pictures while I am away.

Love, Peace and Light!


Have a spin free day!