Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cruise Fever

This is my husband and I on my first cruise. (The predictive key new what I was going to write, LOL!) That was in 2013. Except the year I moved to Vegas, I have been on a cruise every year since. That makes 4 all with Carnival.

Why cruises? For me it gives me the most experience for my money and I can pay it off over time. Before my first cruise I had only left the US to visit Canada when I was a child. I have been to places like Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, St. Kitts, Cozumel to name just a few of the places I’ve been. So far I prefer Eastern & Southern  Caribbean.

The nice thing about a cruise, your “hotel” goes with you and meals are included in the cost. While at sea, there is plenty to entertain from comedy shows, piano bars, bingo and trivia. With views like this who could resist? Certainly not me.

We have taken second place in a costume contest when our group all dressed as Waldo. I took second place in a game show, I have never been so happy to lose a game in my life, since I was up against a little girl. Even had I won, I’d have conceded my prizes to her. Ralph and I won a ship on a stick for tying in a Disney trivia game. Oh, and you can always lounge by the pools if the various activities aren’t your thing.

Did I mention the cabin stewards who clean your rooms and even put cute towel animals on your bed. On our last cruise our cabin steward even filled up an ice bucket, so my dear hubby could ice his poor leg.

Our next cruise is in May and I am counting down the days until we fly to Houston. This vacation we get to visit Minite Maid Park to watch an Astros game. If you know my husband, you know he is a life long fan of the Astros and was in 7th Heaven when they won the World Series.

I have four cruises booked. Three with Carnival and one with Celebrity. We have been loyal to Carnival, but they don’t have a cruise out of Dublin. This year I am most excited to visit Cuba and pray that we won’t have any problems with hurricanes, since it is in August. I have been day dreaming of walking in Hemmingway’s Footsteps. 

Cruises offer me the opportunity to visit many places in a short amount of time, which makes me happy, though the cruise life is so relaxing I’d gladly take a cruise to nowhere or live on one full time.

Have I convinced you yet? 

Love, Peace and Light!

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