Friday, December 28, 2018


This year is almost over and I am looking forward to the new year. 2019 has unlimited possibilities. While I don’t make resolutions, I do try to do things to give me peace. I wish I could say that I’m always successful, but I fail miserably.

So keeping my goal in mind I am doing my best to try to let things go. I wish I could forget, but my brain doesn’t allow me to. So I will try to let it go and forgive when applicable. Which means I am not going to discuss the past. Though I may vent about new things.

I am eating healthier out of necessity. Without the added stress of becoming ill when I eat, it’s worth it. Food allergies are no joke. My main ones are wheat and cows milk. I discovered that Yard House has a gluten free menu. It made it easier to figure out what I could eat. Don’t be afraid to make modifications to menu selections so you don’t get sick. I am lucky that my allergies just made me puke and gave me a different type of vertigo than the Ménière’s. If I accidentally ingest something I won’t die from it, but it’s still not good to be sick after eating.

As a result of eating healthier, I am losing weight. This will help with my overall well-being.  In order to help improve my balance, Ralph bought me a Simply Fit Board. This will help me get into shape as well. I want to do yoga too, but am not good at doing it on my own. 

I meditate to help me find my inner peace. It is always helpful when I follow through on it. Church has been helping by having a meditation time at the beginning of mass. And I am starting to explore my spiritual side through prayer. This should help with my letting things go.

Most of all I smile often, because even when I’m down it helps me and those around me to feel better. If I can make one person’s day by smiling then it’s worth it.

Like I said I am not always successful, but I try. I always try to be mindful and live in the moment. Do you have any New Years Resoulutions? How are you at sticking to them? 

I hope you are spin free. 

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

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