Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Appreciate Life

One thing living with a debilitating disease has taught me is to enjoy life. Yes, I may have to cancel some things due to this disease, but it’s no different than having the flu. The difference is that I appreciate every single good day I have. It does pay to be flexible though.

Having friends and family who are supportive helps tremendously. There were several months, nearly a year, that I couldn’t drive. And friends and family helped me get around. Taking me back and forth to doctors appointments, getting me out of the house. Without them I would have become housebound, because even taking a walk can be frightening when you’re dizzy all the time.

My point is on the good days, even some dizzy days I try to have fun. Most importantly I appreciate each show, each lunch or dinner, each trip and every moment that I am not dizzy. I even appreciate the dizziness and general lightheadedness, since it’s not vertigo. Vertigo is the hardest part of this disease to deal with for me. Some attacks cause severe after affects that last a couple of days for me.

 I really do appreciate the days without vertigo. Sometimes my natural grumpiness emerges and I may not seem so thankful, but I am. I am working on becoming a more peaceful me. I am a work in progress and I am continually changing. I am thankful that I can work on me.

I am choosing to be happy and I appreciate all the good days. Sometimes I may just need to be reminded of this.

I love my life. I hope you are spin free!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

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