Friday, February 1, 2019


Occasionally someone will remember that I write and have published a children’s book, even though I’m not writing much other than my blogs. Today is one of those days... a friend asked me to read and talk about what inspired me to be a writer for a group of kindergarteners through second graders. Despite my health issues, I said yes. I may need a driver, but I will be there.

I just ordered some bookmarks to pass out to the kids. Hopefully, there won’t be more than 100 kids. I must say I’ve never spoken to a group that large. Kids can be tough audiences or they can be truly awesome. 

Now I just need to figure out what to talk about. LOL! I will probably say that I have been writing stories since I was in elementary school. Push my favorite book series... The Wizard of Oz and Little House on the Prairie books made me want to invent my own worlds. 

I will talk about my love of reading and the ability it has to transport the reader into different times, places and experiences. Hopefully, I can awaken the love of reading in this new generation. 

Now I just need to stay calm and remember to talk slowly and to enunciate my words so the children can understand me. 

Wish me luck. I hope you are spin free!

Love, Peace and Light! Rita

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