Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tests, Trials & Tribulations

I have been having issues with pain in my abdominal area and throwing up. I have lessened the throwing up by eating smaller bites and smaller meals. I have had blood tests and an ultrasound to try to determine what is going on. 

I had to get rides to and from my ultrasound appointment yesterday, because I was dizzy. Fortunately, my family stepped up to help. Fortunately, the vertigo held off until evening and only lasted about 4 hours. 

I hate driving, but I hate not being able to drive more. The lack of freedom is disheartening. If someone drives me I can pretty much handle the day to day dizziness. With the uncertainty of this disease I won’t take a chance that I could have a vertigo attack when driving. I certainly feel more sure of myself when I’m not alone. 

Even walking by myself or with two small dogs is a scary prospect. That may be anxiety rearing it’s ugly head or common sense. If I fall when I am out who would help me?

I have had years of practice appearing to be normal. I don’t always walk like a drunk, unless I am experiencing vertigo. Occasionally I tilt and hug walls. I am grateful that the walls are there for me. That is why taking a walk is scary, because there is nothing to catch me.

I live for the good days and listen to my body and head when I need to take it easy. I am fortunate to have a husband, brother and sister-on-law and friends who get me out for some fun. I won’t stop living, but I will be more cautious. 

Here’s hoping everyone reading this is spin free. I’ll keep you filled in on my test results. 

Love, Peace and Light!


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