Sunday, May 13, 2018

4 Good Days

Finally, I’ve had four Ménière’s free days, except the tinnitus, tipping and a bit of a flare when it’s bedtime.  I got my haircut, dyed it myself and went to the grocery store. 

On Friday I followed Ralph to a car place to get his breaks replaced and took him to work. I did laundry and picked him up. We met a friend for dinner at Lindo Michoacan. And then back to pick up his car.

Saturday we watched a childhood friend of Ralph’s play darts. I got a tad annoyed that this woman stood very close in front of me, so that she would occasionally touch me. Okay more than a little annoyed... I thought about lifting my knee, but she would’ve ended up in my lap. 

“I have mean thoughts, but would never act on them. I just want to show you that I am human with all the same feelings as everyone else. Just because I have bad thoughts doesn’t mean I act on them, unless I am writing and then I can.”

This sign greeted us as we were leaving the parking lot of the Plaza. We then grabbed a bite to eat at Smashburger. I am pleased to say I finished most of it without pain. Smaller bites is the answer.

Following lunch we went on to the corporate challenge walk to represent JW Marriott Resort and Spa. I made it the whole way, but I am still tired today. Here are before and after pictures of me.

Don’t worry I am not sunburnt just hot. 

Alas, my Ménière’s free time is at an end. Today my ears are full and I am rocking back and forth. I hope I am able to get another good day and/or days soon. I may have overdone things yesterday. Or the recurrence may be due to sinuses, I seem to be losing my voice. “Ralph likes it when I lose my voice.”

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day with Ralph’s mom, Virginia. Then I rest. 

Have a spin free day.

Love, Peace and Light!


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